What is Tunnelwell®?

Tunnelwell is the new innovation of engineering excellence for the detention and infiltration of rainwater runoff. Tunnelwell arches are made of polyethylene and are light weight, capable of taking heavy traffic loads and suitable to install in all projects for Governments infrastructure, Developers, Land subdivision, Construction and Home Builders
Tunnelwell is 100% environmentally friendly


  • Whole of Life-Cycle solution
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Self-supporting arch systems
  • No blue-metal/gravel support required
  • No geotextile cloths required
  • Designed to be serviced not buried
  • Easy and simple to install
  • Less excess soils to remove from sites compared to competitor arch systems
  • Easy to calculate the storage required
  • Run other services alongside arches
  • Manhole access available if required
  • Provides reduced lengths and footprints for Leach Drains

Installation of Tunnelwell

Note: Backfill and compact in most cases can be done using excavated material.

Our Partners

Continual research and development resulting in engineering excellence

Tunnelwell is fully committed to a program of continual research and development. Tunnelwell has recently entered into a research agreement with Deakin University’s, Institute for Frontier Materials, directed by Russell Varley, PhD, Professor of Composite Materials. Professor Varley has been tasked with the development of proprietary polymers for Tunnelwell to develop new and stronger materials which will revolutionise live load and light weight arch systems.


The biggest single issue today is providing a whole of lifecycle solution to infiltration systems to recharge the aquifer with clean water. Most current offerings require geotextile cloths to prevent ingress of soils during backfill and compaction, which leads to clogging of that medium over time. Geotextile cloths block up over time and cannot be cleaned to reinstate their original properties. Infiltration systems need to be maintained and accessed for maintenance over the life of the system. These systems need to be robust, fast and easy to install. Backfill and compaction processes need to be simple, not complex and frustrating. It is all hard work!

The Solution

From the beginning of time, water aquifers were very clean, as Mother Nature provided the best filter medium there is. When mankind developed the land they interfered with the natural process of run-off infiltration. Engineers can specify Tunnelwell to rejuvenate the soil as Mother Nature did prior to any development.